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Integrated Pest Management · Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of California

About the UC Statewide IPM Program

Making ecosystem-based integrated pest management
way Californians manage pests

What we do

The University of California Statewide IPM Program (UC IPM) helps residents, growers, land managers, community leaders, and other professional pest managers prevent and solve pest problems with the least unintended impacts on people and their surroundings.

The program draws on expertise of University of California scientists to develop and distribute UC's best information on managing pests using safe and effective techniques and strategies that protect people and the environment. These techniques and strategies are the basis of integrated pest management, or IPM.

UC IPM works through Cooperative Extension to deliver information to clients in every California county. Web and printed publications provide a wealth of how-to information about identifying and managing pests, and the program also provides online training courses.

The organization

UC IPM is a part of the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR). More than 20 UC IPM employees develop and deliver programs in agricultural, urban and community, and natural resources IPM. (Organizational chart PDF)

Our mission

 The mission of the UC IPM Program is to:

  • Increase utilization of ecologically based integrated pest management programs
  • Provide leadership in IPM including building coalitions and partnerships that link with communities and public agencies
  • Increase the predictability and effectiveness of pest management techniques
  • Develop science-based pest management programs that are economically and environmentally sustainable, and socially appropriate
  • Protect human health and the environment by reducing risks caused by pests and pest management practices