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The UC Guide to Healthy Lawns

Plan your irrigation system

Before you prepare the final grade on your soil, you must consider your irrigation system.

Portable sprinklers

The least expensive way to irrigate is to use portable sprinkler heads attached to a hose. Although no initial installation costs are involved, portable sprinklers have several drawbacks over the long term. To operate properly, someone needs to be present to move the sprinkler from spot to spot, time how long the sprinkler has been in each spot, and make sure that all spots have been watered uniformly.

Permanent underground sprinkler systems

Although more expensive than a portable system, a permanent system is much more convenient to use. You can design and install an irrigation system yourself, but it is a good idea to hire a professional to review your design before you install it. Installation of an irrigation system can be difficult and it may be easier and more effective to hire a professional installer.

Consider the entire landscape

Turf is only part of the landscape. Trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables will have different water requirements from turf. This must be taken into consideration when planning your irrigation system so that these plants can be watered at different times, rates, or even with different methods according to their needs.

Photo of a pop-up sprinkler head

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