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Retail Training and Workshops


IPM Training for Retail Nurseries & Garden Centers

No upcoming workshops at this time.

UC IPM offers hands-on, in-person workshops throughout California for retail employees, managers, owners, and affiliates to gain new skills to better serve customers and keep them coming back! To view previous workshop topics, visit the Retail IPM Training website.

Online training

For Retail Nursery & Garden Center Employees

  • Asian Citrus Psyllid & Huanglongbing for Retail Nurseries

    Training course for retail nursery and garden center personnel to limit psyllid infestations and minimize their role in psyllid and disease spread.

  • Citrus Nursery Protective Structure Worker Training

    Course on growing healthy citrus plants in structures and protecting them from common insect pests and diseases.

  • Introduction to Pesticides

    Training course for retail and garden center employees and others who advise residents about home and garden pesticides.

  • Moving Beyond Pesticides

    Environmentally safe tools for use in an IPM program. Training course for retail and garden center employees and others who advise consumers about the best tools and products for solving pest problems. Includes a basic overview of Integrated Pest Management and diagnosing pest problems.

For Maintenance Gardeners

  • Maintenance Gardener Pesticide Applicator Exam Preparation Course

    This course will help prepare you to take the California Department of Pesticide Regulation certified applicator (QAC) exam for maintenance gardeners in category Q. It also contains information about pesticides and pest management, useful for retail nursery and garden center employees.

For QALs, QACs and PCAs, and others