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Flies and mosquitoes

Flies have only one pair of fully developed wings as adults. Pest species include house flies, mosquitoes, leafminers, fruit flies, gnats, and midges. Larvae of some flies are called maggots.

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Fruit and nut pests

The larvae (maggots) of these flies infest ripe or ripening fruits and nuts.

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These familiar biting flies are annoying, and may also transmit diseases such as West Nile Virus. Mosquito larvae live and grow in standing water and aquatic sites.

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Nuisance flies

These include biting flies, garbage flies, and other bothersome flies in or near buildings.

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Vegetable and flower pests

Leafminers, maggots, and bulb flies attack leaves, roots, and flowers.

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Woody-plant flies

Leafminers and gall midges damage leaves or cause distorted growth on trees and shrubs.

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