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Integrated Pest Management · Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of California

Year-Round IPM Programs

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A year-round IPM program  Year-round program available is an annual plan of action you can use to implement integrated pest management and evaluate its success.

For each season or crop growth stage, these programs highlight the most important pests—insects, mites, weeds, diseases, nematodes, animals—and actions you can take to manage them.

Year-round IPM programs are based on the UC Pest Management Guidelines, the University of California's best information for managing agricultural pests.

A year-round IPM program will help you:

  • Eliminate pesticide treatments you don't need
  • Minimize risks to water and air
  • Protect beneficials and pollinators

A year-round IPM program includes:

  • Management activities for key pests at each stage of crop development
  • Pointers to key environmental concerns
  • Examples of monitoring forms to print and use
  • Printable color photo guides to pests and beneficials
  • Ways to minimize harm from pesticides

Each year-round IPM program provides links to:

  • Pest monitoring instructions and decision thresholds
  • Nonchemical and pesticide alternatives for each pest
  • Information on pesticide mode of action and impact on beneficials
  • A comparison of chemical options and their risks

Natural Resources Conservation Service plans

A year-round IPM program can be the foundation for integrated pest management plans, such as those supported by USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) conservation programs. For more information, contact your local NRCS office.