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Geranium—Pelargonium spp.
Family Geraniaceae (Geranium family)

Plant Identification

Pelargoniums are woody or shrubby perennial plants and attract hummingbirds. Don't confuse these with true geraniums, often called cranesbills, in the Geranium genus, which have 5 equal-sized petals in contrast to the Pelargonium.  Pelargoniums produce symmetrical flowers, often in clusters but also singly.  Flowers generally bloom in spring through fall.  Colors include white, pink, red, coral, and purple and may have distinct markings or blotches.  Leaves are roundish with wavy or lobed edges.  Depending on species, leaves may have a yellow margin or other markings.

Optimum conditions for growth

Geraniums grow well in warm sunny weather, but need some shade in very hot temperatures.  They need moderate to regular amounts of water, but must be planted in soil that drains quickly.  In areas with very cold winters, move plants indoors to avoid frost damage.

Bright pink flowers of Pelargonium sp.
Bright pink flowers of Pelargonium sp.


Pests and disorders of Pelargonium spp.



Environmental disorders



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