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Metrosideros, iron tree, New Zealand Christmas tree—Metrosideros spp.
Family Myrtaceae (Myrtle family)

Plant Identification

Metrosideros spp. are attractive, evergreen trees or shrubs.  Leaves are leathery and may be grayish-green, glossy, or dark green above and white and woolly beneath.  Clusters of flowers are produced in spring and summer and are most commonly red.  Some species may produce white, orange, pink, and yellow flowers. 

Optimum conditions for growth

Metrosideros spp. are often planted in lawns or as street trees.  Smaller shrubby species are good hedges or container plants.  They do best in areas with full sun but will tolerate some shade.  They require well-drained soils and a moderate amount of water.  Trees and shrubs are sensitive to frost.

Leaves and flower clusters
Leaves and flower clusters of Metrosideros
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Pests and disorders of Metrosideros spp.




Environmental disorders



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