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Landscape Maintenance Pest Control
Pesticide Application Compendium, Vol.7

Published 2006 · Publication 3493 · 258 pages

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Pest Control
1st Edition

Volume 7 in the UC Pesticide Application Compendium, this book is a guide to the management of weed, insect, pathogen and vertebrate pests in turf, landscape, and interiorscape settings ranging from parks and golf courses to indoor malls.

Designed for professionals working in the public or private sector, it focuses especially on pesticide handling and correct equipment calibration, and application procedures.

For complete information on integrated pest management, biology and identification of pests of landscape trees and shrubs, see Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs.

Recommended Study Guide

This book is the California Department of Pesticide Regulationís recommended study guide for the Landscape Maintenance Pest Control and Maintenance Gardener licensing and certification exams. More than 200 photos, line drawings, graphs, and tables illustrate key concepts. Review questions and answers are included for each chapter.

Pesticide Application Compendium

Landscape Maintenance Pest Control is Volume 7 of the Pesticide Application Compendium. This series was originally written for professionals trying to meet California's tough applicator licensing requirements. It provides very useful information on all types of protective equipment and application procedures, with illustrations.

List of Contents

  • How to Use this Book · What You Need to Know · Using the Review Questions
Chapter 1: Pest Identification
  • Ways to Identify Landscape, Turf, and Interiorscape Pests Weeds · Invertebrates · Arthropods · Nematodes · Snails and Slugs: Phylum Mollusca · Vertebrates · Birds · Mammals · Disease Agents · Identifying Disease-Causing Pathogens · Fungi · Bacteria · Viruses · Abiotic Disorders · Review Questions
Chapter 2: Managing Landscape Pests
  • Approaches to Pest Management · Setting Up Your Pest Management Program · Non-Chemical Pest Management Methods · Integrated Pest Management · Pesticides · Review Questions
Chapter 3: Pesticides
  • Pesticide Toxicity · Pesticide Toxicity Categories · Pesticide Classification ·  Pesticide Designation · Pesticide Chemical Groups · Special Types of Pesticide · Mode of Action · Factors Influencing Pesticide Effectiveness · Pesticide Formulations · Selecting a Formulation · Common Pesticide Formulations · Pesticide Tank Mixes · Adjuvants · Review Questions
Chapter 4: Pesticide and Pest Control Laws and Regulations
  • Requirements for Landscape Maintenance Pest Control QAC/QAL and Maintenance Gardener Licensing · The Landscape Maintenance Pest Control Category · The Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Category ·  Exemption from the Maintenance Gardener Pest Control or Pest Control Business License Requirements · Enforcement and Compliance Actions · Pesticide Labels · Notice of Application · Pesticide Use Records · Operator Identification Number · Restricted-Use Pesticides (Restricted Materials) · Applicator Certification · Continuing Education · Review Questions
Chapter 5: Hazards Associated with Pesticide Use
  • Human Exposure · How People Get Exposed to Pesticides · How Pesticides Enter the Body · Effects of Exposure · Other Hazards · Injury to Pets · Contamination of Surface Water · Groundwater Contamination · Injury to Plants · Damage to Objects in the Treated Area · Impact on Nontarget Organisms · Review Questions
Chapter 6: Protecting People and the Environment
  • Planning for Pesticide Safety · Learn about Site-Specific Hazards · Pesticide Worker Training · Avoiding Alcohol, Drugs, and Certain Medications · Coveralls, Work Clothing, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) · Public and Environmental Safety · Posting Treated Areas · Handling Pesticides Safely · Transporting Pesticides · Storing Pesticides · Mixing Pesticides · Service Containers · Applying Pesticides Effectively · Selecting Application Equipment · Safe Application Techniques · Cleanup and Disposal · Recordkeeping · Liability · Review Questions
Chapter 7: Pesticide Emergencies
  • First Aid · Pesticides on Your Skin or Clothing · Pesticides in the Eyes · Inhaled Pesticides · Swallowed Pesticides · Pesticide Leaks and Spills · Misapplication of Pesticides · Review Questions
Chapter 8: Using Pesticides Effectively
  • Making Pesticide-Use Decisions · Selecting the Right Pesticide · Selective Pesticides · The Selective Use of Pesticides · Review Questions
Chapter 9: Application Equipment and Calibration
  • Application Equipment · Applying Liquid Pesticides · Applying Granules · Soil Drenches and Soil Injection · Tree Injection and Implantation · Bait Application Equipment · Maintaining Application Equipment · Applying the Correct Amount of Pesticide · Why Calibration Is Essential · Equipment Calibration Methods · Calculations for Percentage Solutions and Parts-per-Million Solutions · Review Questions
Chapter 10: Safe and Effective Applications in Landscape and Turf Settings
  • Maintaining Healthy Turf and Landscapes · Safe and Effective Turf and Landscape Applications · Follow Label Requirements, Laws, and Regulations · Pesticide Fate · Pesticide Drift · Avoid Plant Damage · Notify Other Workers and the Public · Protect Beneficial Organisms · Avoid Runoff and Leaching · Review Questions
Chapter 11: Safe and Effective Applications in Interiorscape Settings
  • Healthy Interiorscapes · Off-Site Applications · Improving the Safety of On-Site Applications · Review Questions
Answer Sheet for Review Questions
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How to Order

This publication is available from the UC ANR Communication Services catalog. It is also available by mail, by telephone, or through the ANR sales offices and many UC County Cooperative Extension offices. For locations and more information, see "How to Order Publications."

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