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Statewide IPM Program, University of California

Online training

The UC Statewide IPM Program provides online courses and webinars that reflect up-to-date pest management and pesticide safety information. Selected courses and webinars are approved for Continuing Education Units by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), and some are also approved by the Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB), Certified Crop Adviser (CCA), Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (WCISA), and Arizona Department of Agriculture.

UC IPM online courses are hosted at eXtension virtual campus. Our courses are available each year from late January through December 29th. The courses can be accessed for free, however, if you need Continuing Education Units, you will be charged a fee. Payments must be made by December 29th. To encourage taking courses earlier in the year, we offer 50% off the regular price from January through October 31st – use the code ipm50 at checkout.

For information about our free webinars (calendar, CEU, registration) check the UC Ag Experts Talk page.

Reporting of CEUs for online courses is done in the middle and at the end of each month and submitted to the appropriate agency.

Courses are unavailable from January 1st through January 31st for annual maintenance.

For pest management professionals and pesticide applicators

Air Blast Sprayer Calibration

(CEUs - DPR: 0.5 Pesticide Laws & Regs and 2.0 Other CCA: 2.0 IPM AZ Dept of Ag: 2.5 credits)

Provides information on the basic principles of spray calibration including calculations, describes the components of a sprayer, and takes a look at how droplet size, nozzle type, and weather conditions influence drift and spray coverage. Also covered are conditions for pesticide applications under the 2018 Pesticide Use Near Schoolsites regulation.


Citrus IPM

(CEUs for each course - DPR: 1.0 Other CCA: 0.5 IPM AZ Dept of Ag: 1.0 credit)

  • Citrus Thrips   Enroll
    Course covers the identification, biology, population dynamics, monitoring and management of Citrus Thrips, Scirtothrips citri. To get CEUs and a certificate, there is a fee.

  • Fuller Rose Beetle   Enroll
    Course covers the life cycle of Fuller rose beetle, Naupactus godmani, its natural enemies, how to survey for it, why it is of significance for export to other countries, and how to manage the pest using a systems approach. To get CEUs and a certificate, there is a fee.

Diagnosing Herbicide Injury

(CEUs - DPR: 1.5 Other  CCA: 1.5 IPM  AZ Dept of Ag: 1.0 credit)

Course provides information on how to investigate crop injury when herbicides are the suspected cause. It includes information on how herbicides injure plants, how long herbicide symptoms may last, and possible scenarios of herbicide exposure based on uniform and variable injury patterns observed in the field. To get CEUs and a certificate, there is a fee.


How Pest Management Professionals Can Protect Water Quality

(No CEUs available )

Course provides information on the impacts of pesticides on water quality, hazards that may increase risk, and methods to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that enter local waters.


Invasive Shot Hole Borers

(CEUs - DPR: 1.0 Other WCISA: 1.0 for Certified Arborists and 1.0 Science for Board Certified Arborists)

Provides information on the threats posed by Invasive Shot Hole Borers and includes information on their history and impact, symptoms and look-a-like species, and monitoring and management methods.


Managing Ground Squirrels and Pocket Gophers

(CEUs - DPR: 1.0 Other  CCA: 1.0 IPM ) 

Course provides information on the description, biology, and ecology of ground squirrels and pocket gophers as well as an overview of available control options including habitat modification, trapping, baiting, and fumigants. To get CEUs and a certificate, there is a fee.


Pesticide Application Equipment and Calibration for Non-Ag Applications

(CEUs - DPR: 1.5 Other  SPCB: 1.5 hr Technical (Br 2 or 3) for Field Representatives and Operators or PAU for Applicators CCA: 1.0 IPM   WCISA: 1.5 for Certified Arborists and 1.5 Practice for Board Certified Arborists  AZ Dept. of Ag: 1.5 credits)

Course provides practical information on calibrating various types of application equipment to make sure you apply the correct amount of pesticide to a treatment area. To get CEUs and a certificate, there is a fee.


Pesticide Resistance

(CEUs - DPR: 2.0 Other  CCA: 1.5 IPM  AZ Dept of Ag: 2.0 credits) 

Course provides information on pesticide resistance in fungi, insects, and weeds and discusses practical ways of managing or delaying resistance. To get CEUs and a certificate, there is a fee.


Proper Pesticide Use to Avoid Illegal Residues

(CEUs - DPR: 2.0 Pesticide Laws & Regs  CCA: 1.0 IPM AZ Dept of Ag: 2.0 credits  WCISA: 2.0 for Certified Arborists and 2.0 Practice for Board Certified Arborists)

Course provides information on pesticide residues, monitoring, tolerances, and risk assessment, and focuses on important sections of the pesticide label, presenting real-life scenarios where the most important factors leading to illegal residues are identified. To get CEUs and a certificate, there is a fee.


Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)/ Uso Adecuado del Equipo de Protección Personal

(CEUs - DPR: 1.5 Pesticide Laws & Regs  CCA: 1.0 IPM  WCISA: 1.5 for Certified Arborists and 1.5 Practice for Board Certified Arborists)

Course provides information on proper wearing, cleaning, disposing of, and storing of personal protective equipment (PPE) for each instance of pesticide application. Sections on pesticide exposure and PPE requirements as listed on pesticide labels and in the California Code of Regulations (CCR) are also covered. To get CEUs and a certificate, there is a fee.

El curso proporciona información sobre el uso, la limpieza, el retiro y el almacenamiento adecuados del equipo de protección personal (PPE) para cada caso de aplicación de pesticidas. También se cubren las secciones sobre la exposición a pesticidas y los requisitos de PPE que se enumeran en las etiquetas de los pesticidas y en el Código de Reglamentación de California (CCR). Para obtener Unidades de Educación Continua (CEU) y su certificado, hay que realizar un pago.

(en Español)

Providing IPM Services in Schools and Child Care Settings

(CEUs - DPR: 1.0 Other and 0.5 Pesticide Laws & Regs  SPCB: 1.0 hr Rules and Regulations and 1.0 hr IPM ) Meets the training requirement of the Healthy Schools Act that went into effect July 1, 2016.

Provides information on the Healthy Schools Act (HSA), using IPM services to manage pests in schools and child care centers, and practical ways to use IPM in business while complying with the HSA.


Urban Pyrethroid and Fipronil Use [NEW]

  • Calibration of Pesticide Application Equipment and Usage Reporting    Enroll

    (CEUs - DPR: 1.0 Other  SPCB: 1.0 hour Rules & Regulations, Technical (Br 2 or 3), or PAU for Applicators, FR, or OPR)

    Course provides information on calibrating application equipment and calculating the amount of pesticide needed for applications, specifically pyrethroids to impervious and porous surfaces. In addition, the steps of pesticide reporting on monthly pesticide use reports are explained.

  • IPM and Alternatives to Pesticides around Structures     Enroll

    (CEUs - DPR: 1.0 Other  SPCB: 1.0 hr IPM)

    Course provides information on alternatives to pesticides around structures in urban environments. It discusses pest identification and biology, monitoring and thresholds, preventive and nonchemical pest control methods, and chemical controls in the forms of baits, dusts, or sprays.

  • Runoff and Surface Water Protection     Enroll

    (CEUs - DPR: 1.5 Pesticide Laws & Regs  SPCB: 1.5 hrs Rules and Regulations)

    ACE Award Seal 2023Course provides information on the Surface Water Protection Regulations that were put into place to reduce the amount of pyrethroids in surface water runoff. It discusses the types of applications allowed under the regulations as well as those that are prohibited and those that are exempt. To get CEUs and a certificate, there is a fee.

For retail nursery and garden center employees

Asian Citrus Psyllid & Huanglongbing for Retail Nurseries

(No CEUs available)

Provides information to retail nursery and garden center personnel to limit psyllid infestations and minimize their role in psyllid and disease spread.


Citrus Nursery Protective Structure Worker Training

(No CEUs available)

Provides information on growing healthy citrus plants in structures and protecting them from common insect pests and diseases.


Introduction to Pesticides

(No CEUs available)

Provides information for retail and garden center employees and others who advise residents about home and garden pesticides. Includes basic information on pesticide types, selection, and safety.


Moving Beyond Pesticides: Environmentally Safe Tools for Use in an IPM Program

(No CEUs available)

Provides information for retail and garden center employees and others who advise consumers about the best tools and products for solving pest problems. Includes a basic overview of Integrated Pest Management and diagnosing pest problems.


For Master Gardeners

Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing

(No CEUs available)

Provides information about the biology and management of the Asian citrus psyllid and Huanglongbing citrus disease from a California homeowner perspective.


Exam preparation