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Urban Pesticides, Fertilizers, and Water Quality

UC IPM Resources

Pesticide Active Ingredient Database–UC IPM’s list of commonly available pesticides for consumers and urban pest professionals with safety and environmental information about their use.
Urban Pesticide Use Survey Studies–Brief descriptions of UC IPM studies on pesticides in urban areas of California.
UC IPM WaterTox–Database of water-related risks of active ingredients.

Pest Notes

Hiring a Pest Control Company
Pesticides: Safe Use and Effective Use

Quick Tips

Garden Chemicals: Safe Use & Disposal
Keep Our Water Clean
Landscape Design & Water Quality
Landscape Plants: Fertilizing & Watering
Less Toxic Insecticides
What is IPM?

En Español

Pesticidas: Uso Seguro y Eficaz en el Hogar y en Jardines (Pesticides: Safe Use and Effective Use)

Quick Tips (Notas Breves)

Diseño del jardín y la calidad del agua (Landscape Design & Water Quality)
Fertilización del césped (Lawn Fertilizing)
Insecticidas menos tóxicos (Less Toxic Insecticides)
Manejo integrado de plagas (What Is IPM?)
Mantener el agua limpia (Keep Our Water Clean)
Plantas para el jardín: fertilizantes y riego (Landscape Plants: Fertilizing & Watering)
Uso y desecho seguro de pesticidas (Safe Use and Disposal of Pesticides)

Additional Resources

Pesticide Problem Reporting Tool–Information on reporting pesticide problems to the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.
Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff–US EPA resource for water quality in urban areas (PDF).
Water Quality Testing–Information on testing drinking water quality for Californians.
Groundwater Quality Results–An interactive map from USGS that allows you to see pesticide detections in groundwater across California.
Pesticides in the Nation’s Streams and Ground Water (USGS)–Evaluations of pesticides in streams and ground water based on findings from 1992 to 2001.
Water Quality Goals Database–Search for California-specific water quality thresholds for over 800 chemicals.
Surface Water Protection Program–A program by the Department of Pesticide Regulation focused on preventing pesticides from adversely affecting our surface waters.
National Pesticide Information Center–General information about water and pesticides, as well as fact sheets for commonly used pesticides.
The California State Water Resources Control Board–Information about water quality issues and water pollution prevention for the general public.

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