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Pesticides & Alternatives


Other UC IPM Publications, Tools, and Resources

  • UC IPM Home and Landscape page – Information on pests of homes, structures, people, pets, gardens, and landscapes with identification tools and management solutions, including pesticide use and alternatives.
  • Pest Notes library – Complete list of peer-reviewed publications about specific pests and pest management topics.
  • Quick Tips library – Complete list of publications offering quick advice related to pests and environment-friendly gardening practices. Quick Tips are abbreviated versions of the longer Pest Notes series.
  • Plant Problem Diagnostic Tool – A diagnostic tool to help identify pest of fruit trees, nuts, berries, grapevines, vegetables, melons, and ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowers.
  • Wildlife Pest Identification Tool – A diagnostic tool to help identify potential vertebrate pests using signs of damage, tracks, or droppings (scat) with pest information and solutions.
  • Seasonal Landscape IPM Checklist – A regional decision-making tool to help guide landscape professionals and gardeners through the activities needed to implement IPM practices throughout the year.
  • Retail Garden Center Manual – A resource and study guide for retail garden center staff and those studying to become California Certified Nursery Professionals.