Agriculture: Rice Pest Management Guidelines

Rice Developmental Stages

Development of Rice Seedling

A labeled infographic showing the first five stages of development in a rice (Oryza sativa) seedling. The stages are: coleoptile stage, first leaf (or spike), second leaf, third leaf and fourth leaf. The first image is of the coleoptile stage and shows a germinating rice seed with a short coleoptile protruding from the top and a radicle (or primary root) extending downward. In the second image, the rice seedling is still in the coleoptile stage with the coleoptile extending a small amount above its height in the previous image and the radicle extending downward about 25 percent further. This image also shows the first crown root extending laterally from where the coleoptile emerges from the seed. The third image is of the first-leaf (or spike) stage. In this image a green leaf blade is emerging from the same place as the coleoptile from the crown of the developing plant and extends four times higher than the coleoptile. Three more short crown roots have developed. The fourth image is of the second-leaf stage. The image shows an additional leaf protruding from the top of the first leaf. The fifth image is of the third-leaf stage. A larger, third leaf has emerged from above the second leaf. The crown roots have extended downwards and now have root hairs on them. The sixth and final image is of the fourth-leaf stage. The grass seedling is more developed, with a fourth leaf emerging from above where the third leaf emerged. The four leaves as well as the coleoptile are labeled as the main culm. The root system is more developed, now with lateral roots emerging off of the radicle and crown roots. The crown roots and the radicle are labeled as the primary root system. Additionally, the seed residue is present where the coleoptile and radicle originally emerged from in the first image.

Stages of seedling growth in a rice plant (Oryza sativa).

Text Updated: 04/24