Agriculture: Dry Beans Pest Management Guidelines

Postharvest Sanitation

Field sanitation is important for reducing certain overwintering pests before the next growing season. Carry out sanitation practices in the field to reduce the spread of:

  • Weevils. Eliminate potential sources of beans leftover in production areas such as:
    • beans on or in planting hoppers or harvesters
    • broken sacks of seed beans
    • animal feed programs
    • fields after harvest
    • warehouse areas
  • Diseases. Incorporate bean debris in fields infected with anthracnose (common, lima) or halo blight immediately after harvest. Plow and bury plant refuse to reduce sources of southern blight.
  • Seedcorn maggots and weeds. Disc or plow after harvest, incorporating bean crop residues and destroying weed growth.
  • Nematodes. Wash soil from equipment before moving from infested to noninfested fields.

For information on harvesting practices in dry beans, see:

Text Updated: 11/18