Agriculture: Cotton Pest Management Guidelines

Selectivity and Persistence of Key Cotton Insecticides/Miticides

Product (Common Name) Selectivity Persistence to: Major Target Pests
Pest Natural Enemies
Acramite (bifenazate) high short short mites
Admire Pro (imidacloprid) high moderate short aphids, lygus bug
Asana (esfenvalerate) low long moderate loopers, beet armyworm, other caterpillars
Assail (acetamiprid) high moderate to long short whiteflies, aphids
Agri-Mek 0.15 EC (abamectin) high long moderate mites**
Bacillus thuringiensis high short short loopers, beet armyworm
Baythroid (beta–cyfluthrin) low long moderate lygus bug, beet armyworm, looper
Belay (clothianidin) low moderate long lygus bug, aphids
Brigade (bifenthrin) low long long lygus bug***, whiteflies, beet armyworm, looper
Carbine (flonicamid) high moderate short lygus bug, aphids
Comite (proparite) high moderate short mites**
Centric (thiamethoxam) high moderate short whiteflies, aphids
Coragen (chlorantraniliprole) high unknown short primarily caterpillars
Courier (buprofezin) high long long whiteflies
Cruiser1 (thiamethoxam) high moderate to long short thrips, mites, lygus bug
Danitol (fenpropathrin) low long moderate whiteflies, lygus bug***
Diamond (novaluron) moderate moderate moderate lygus bug, beet armyworm, loopers
Dimethoate (dimethoate) moderate short short lygus bug***, aphids, thrips
Dimilin (diflubenzuron) high moderate short beet armyworm, other caterpillars
Fujimite (fenpyroximate) high moderate short mites
Fulfill (pymetrozine) high short short aphids
Gaucho1 (imidacloprid) moderate long moderate aphids, thrips
Gossyplure high moderate none pink bollworm
Intrepid (methoxyfenozide) high moderate moderate beet armyworm, other caterpillars
Dicofol (dicofol) high moderate short mites**
Knack (pyriproxyfen) high long short whiteflies
Lannate (methomyl) low short short loopers, beet armyworm, aphids
Leverage (imidacloprid+beta-cyfluthrin) low long moderate lygus bug, aphids
Malathion (malathion) low short short grasshoppers
Mustang (zeta-cypermethrin) low long moderate lygus bug, beet armyworm, loopers
Neemix (azadirachtin) moderate short short aphids, whiteflies
Oberon (spiromesifen) high moderate moderate mites, whiteflies
Oils low short short aphids, whiteflies
Onager (hexythiazox) high moderate short mites
Orthene2 (acephate) low moderate moderate thrips, lygus bug, loopers, whiteflies
Orthene1 (acephate) high moderate short thrips, aphids
Radiant (spinetoram) high moderate short thrips
Sivanto high moderate short aphids, whiteflies
Soaps low short short aphids, whiteflies
Steward (indoxacarb) moderate moderate moderate beet armyworm, loopers, lygus bug****
Success, Entrust (spinosad) high moderate short beet armyworm, other caterpillars
Sulfur (sulfur) high short short mites
aldicarb: at plant high long moderate mites, aphids, thrips
aldicarb: sidedress high long short lygus bug, aphids, mites
Thimet: at plant (phorate) high moderate moderate mites, aphids, thrips
Venom (dinotefuran) moderate to high moderate short whiteflies, aphids, plant bugs
Vydate (oxamyl) low moderate moderate whiteflies, lygus bug
Warrior, etc. (lambda-cyhalothrin) low long moderate lygus bug, beet armyworm, looper
Zeal (etoxazole) high moderate mites
1 seed treatment
2 foliar treatment
* resistance in some cotton aphid populations
** resistance in some twospotted and Pacific spider mite populations
*** resistance in some lygus bug populations
****  suppression

Acknowledgments: This table was compiled based on research data and experience of University of California scientists who work on a variety of crops and contribute to the Pest Management Guideline database, and from Flint, M. L. And S. H. Dreistadt. 1998. Natural Enemies Handbook: An Illustrated Guide to Biological Pest Control, ANR Publication 3386.

Text Updated: 05/13