Agriculture: Citrus Pest Management Guidelines

Sucker Control with Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA)

Be sure to use the formulation of NAA registered specifically for sucker control; a different formulation is registered for fruit thinning.

Variety Amount to use REI‡ Application timing
Always read the label of the product being used.
A. NONBEARING CITRUS Direct application of the undiluted
formulation (1.15% ethyl 1-naphthaleneacetate)
12 See comments
COMMENTS: Use ethyl-naphthaleneacetate to control sprouting from scaffold limbs, sprouting from trunks, and sprouting from rootstocks. See label regarding details. Research suggests that applications should be made before or during early sprout growth. Heavy application may result in tree damage. Growers are cautioned not apply after September 1. Use may inhibit sprouting desired for tree recovery following freeze.
Restricted entry interval (REI) is the number of hours (unless otherwise noted) from treatment until the treated area can be safely entered without protective clothing. Preharvest interval (PHI) is the number of days from treatment to harvest. In some cases, the REI exceeds the PHI. The longer of two intervals is the minimum time that must elapse before harvest.
Text Updated: 01/19
Treatment Table Updated: 01/19