Agriculture: Citrus Pest Management Guidelines

Beet Armyworm

  • Spodoptera exigua
  • Description of the Pest

    Description of the Pest (View Caterpillar ID Key)

    Larvae of the beet armyworm are smoothed-skinned, dull green caterpillars with many fine, wavy, light-colored stripes down the back and a broader stripe along each side. They usually, but not always, have a dark spot on the side of the thorax above the second true leg. The adult is a small, mottled gray or dusky-winged moth. Females lay pale greenish or pinkish striated eggs in masses that are covered with white, cottony material.


    Beet armyworm is occasionally found on citrus feeding on foliage, but it rarely causes economic damage.


    As a minor pest of citrus, beet armyworm is rarely sprayed, in part because of natural enemies such as Hyposoter exiguae.

    Text Updated: 02/17