Agriculture: Avocado Pest Management Guidelines

Common and Scientific Names of Weeds

Common names link to pages with weed descriptions and photos often showing several stages of development.

Common Name Scientific Name Season and Type
barley, hare (wild barley) Hordeum leporinum winter annual grass
barnyardgrass Echinochloa crus-galli summer annual grass
bermudagrass Cynodon dactylon perennial grass
bindweed, field Convolvulus arvensis perennial broadleaf
bluegrass, annual Poa annua winter or summer annual grass
cacti, prickly pear Opuntia spp. perennial broadleaf
cocklebur Xanthium strumarium summer annual broadleaf
crabgrasses Digitaria spp. summer annual grass
dallisgrass Paspalum dilatatum perennial grass
fescues Festuca spp. perennial grass
fleabane, hairy Conyza bonariensis winter annual broadleaf
foxtails (yellow and green) Setaria spp. summer annual grass
goosefoot, nettleleaf Chenopodium murale summer annual broadleaf
horseweed (mare's tail) Conyza canadensis winter annual broadleaf
groundsel, common Senecio vulgaris winter or summer annual broadleaf
johnsongrass Sorghum halepense perennial grass
knotweed, common (prostrate knotweed) Polygonum aviculare winter or summer annual broadleaf
lambsquarters, common Chenopodium album summer annual broadleaf
lettuce, prickly Lactuca serriola summer annual broadleaf
mallow, little (cheeseweed) Malva parviflora winter annual broadleaf
mustards Brassica spp. winter annual broadleaf
nettles Urtica spp. winter or summer annual broadleaf
nightshades Solanum spp. summer annual broadleaf
nutsedges Cyperus spp. perennial sedge
oat, wild Avena fatua winter annual grass
pigweeds Amaranthus spp. summer annual broadleaf
puncturevine Tribulus terrestris summer annual broadleaf
purslane, common Portulaca oleracea summer annual broadleaf
ryegrasses Lolium spp. winter annual grass
sandbur, longspine Cenchrus longispinus summer annual grass
sowthistle, annual Sonchus oleraceus winter or summer annual broadleaf
sprangletop, bearded Leptochloa fascicularis summer annual grass
spurge, creeping Euphorbia serpens summer annual broadleaf
spurge, spotted Euphorbia maculata summer annual broadleaf
starthistle, yellow Centaurea solstitialis summer annual broadleaf
stinkgrasses (lovegrasses) Eragrostis spp. summer annual grass
thistle, Russian Salsola tragus summer annual broadleaf
velvetleaf Abutilon theophrasti summer annual broadleaf
wild cucumber Marah spp. perennial broadleaf
witchgrass Panicum capillare summer annual grass
Text Updated: 09/16