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Pest Notes Library

Pest Notes are UC IPM’s fact sheets that cover specific pests or pest management topics aimed at California's urban, suburban, and rural audiences, including pest management professionals. Pest Notes contain information on pest identification, biology and habitat, life cycle, damage and impact, and offer multiple nonchemical and chemical management options. Each peer-reviewed, scientific publication includes colorful photographs or illustrations to help readers with identification and finding practical solutions. Pest Notes are available to view online and can also be downloaded as a PDF.

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Insects, mites, mollusks, and nematodes: Invertebrate pests
Ants PDF October 2012
Aphids PDF June 2013
Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing Disease PDF September 2018
Avocado Lace Bug PDF March 2007
Bagrada Bug PDF January 2014
Bark Beetles PDF November 2008
Bed Bugs PDF May 2013
Bee and Wasp Stings PDF September 2011
Bee Swarms: Removing Established Hives PDF May 2012
Black Scale PDF
(2.3 MB)
May 2012
Boxelder Bug PDF July 2014
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug PDF May 2014
Brown Recluse and Other Recluse Spiders PDF November 2018
California Oakworm PDF April 2009
Carpenter Ants PDF August 2009
Carpenter Bees PDF June 2014
Carpenterworm PDF December 2010
Carpet Beetles PDF April 2020
Centipedes and Millipedes PDF September 2019
Citrus Leafminer PDF March 2010
Clearwing Moths PDF December 2013
Clothes Moths PDF March 2013
Cockroaches PDF December 2019
Codling Moth PDF May 2011
Conenose Bugs PDF July 2013
Cottony Cushion Scales PDF February 2012
Drywood Termites PDF August 2014
Earwigs PDF October 2012
Elm Leaf Beetle PDF June 2014
Eucalyptus Longhorned Borers PDF September 2009
Eucalyptus Redgum Lerp Psyllid PDF July 2022
Eucalyptus Tortoise Beetles PDF February 2009
Eye Gnats PDF August 2013
False Chinch Bug PDF October 2010
Fleas PDF September 2010
Flies PDF May 2015
Fungus Gnats PDF August 2013
Giant Whitefly PDF June 2021
Glassy-winged Sharpshooter PDF April 2019
Goldspotted Oak Borer PDF January 2013
Grasshoppers PDF June 2013
Hackberry Woolly Aphids PDF August 2014
Head Lice PDF July 2020
Hobo Spider PDF November 2015
Hoplia Beetle PDF November 2010
Horsehair Worms PDF March 2013
Indian Walking Stick PDF May 2011
Invasive Shothole Borers PDF August 2023
Lace Bugs PDF March 2014
Lawn Insects PDF September 2014
Leaffooted Bug PDF May 2014
Leafrollers on Ornamental and Fruit Trees PDF September 2010
Mealybugs PDF March 2016
Mosquitoes PDF April 2020
Moth or Drain Flies PDF March 2014
Myoporum Thrips PDF November 2013
Nematodes PDF July 2010
Oak Pit Scales PDF May 2013
Olive Fruit Fly PDF February 2009
Pantry Pests PDF March 2013
Pitch Moth PDF July 2013
Psyllids PDF April 2014
Red Imported Fire Ant PDF December 2013
Redhumped Caterpillar PDF December 2017
Roses: Insects and Mites PDF October 2019
Scales PDF September 2014
Scorpions PDF December 2011
Silverfish and Firebrats PDF December 2009
Sixspotted Spider Mite PDF October 2007
Snails and Slugs PDF March 2018
Spider Mites PDF December 2011
Spiders PDF October 2020
Spotted Wing Drosophila PDF August 2011
Springtails PDF July 2007
Squash Bugs PDF July 2008
Subterranean and Other Termites PDF May 2014
Sycamore Scale PDF July 2010
Thrips PDF May 2014
Ticks (Lyme Disease in California) PDF May 2016
Walnut Husk Fly PDF July 2009
Whiteflies PDF September 2015
Widow Spiders and Their Relatives PDF March 2017
Windscorpion PDF May 2010
Wood-Boring Beetles in Homes PDF June 2010
Wood Wasps and Horntails PDF April 2010
Yellowjackets and Other Social Wasps PDF March 2012
Zoropsis Spider PDF June 2014
View online   PDF Published
Plant diseases
Anthracnose PDF May 2020
Apple and Pear Scab PDF January 2011
Armillaria Root Rot PDF January 2020
Botryosphaeria Canker PDF July 2022
Damping-off Diseases in the Garden PDF January 2024
Fire Blight PDF July 2011
Lawn Diseases: Prevention and Management PDF September 2011
Mushrooms and Other Nuisance Fungi in Lawns PDF
(2.3 MB)
January 2012
Oleander Leaf Scorch PDF April 2008
Olive Knot PDF
(2.5 MB)
March 2011
Palm Diseases in the Landscape PDF July 2019
Peach Leaf Curl PDF May 2012
Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot in the Garden PDF August 2006
Pitch Canker PDF
(2.3 MB)
May 2013
Powdery Mildew on Fruits and Berries PDF January 2011
Powdery Mildew on Ornamentals PDF April 2009
Powdery Mildew on Vegetables PDF November 2008
Roses: Diseases and Abiotic Disorders PDF February 2020
Sooty Mold PDF September 2020
Sudden Oak Death PDF
(2.4 MB)
September 2010
Wood Decay Fungi in Landscape Trees PDF August 2019
View online   PDF Published
Annual Bluegrass PDF May 2012
Bermudagrass PDF May 2007
Brooms PDF
June 2020
Burning & Stinging Nettles PDF October 2008
Catchweed Bedstraw PDF November 2010
Chickweeds PDF April 2006
Clovers PDF October 2007
Common Groundsel PDF May 2006
Common Knotweed PDF August 2008
Common Purslane PDF August 2007
Crabgrass PDF June 2010
Creeping Woodsorrel and Bermuda Buttercup PDF June 2010
Dallisgrass PDF September 2022
Dandelion PDF January 2018
Dodder PDF March 2010
Dyer's Woad PDF August 2017
Field Bindweed PDF October 2011
Green Kyllinga PDF December 2011
Invasive Plants PDF June 2017
Kikuyugrass PDF August 2011
Mallows PDF March 2006
Mistletoes PDF March 2022
Nutsedge PDF June 2024
Perennial Pepperweed PDF January 2015
Plantains PDF February 2020
Poison Hemlock PDF January 2013
Poison Oak PDF June 2021
Pokeweed PDF September 2020
Puncturevine PDF March 2006
Roses: Cultural Practices and Weed Control PDF July 2019
Russian Thistle PDF February 2008
Spotted Spurge and Other Spurges PDF September 2009
Weed Management in Landscapes PDF September 2018
Weed Management in Lawns PDF March 2016
Wild Blackberries PDF October 2022
Woody Weed Invaders PDF July 2017
Yellow Starthistle PDF September 2007
View online   PDF Published
Birds, mammals, and reptiles: Vertebrate pests
Bats PDF March 2021
Birds on Tree Fruits and Vines PDF September 2010
Cliff Swallows PDF July 2005
Coyote PDF March 2007
Deer PDF November 2019
Deer Mouse PDF June 2012
Feral Cats PDF July 2023
Ground Squirrel PDF December 2018
House Mouse PDF October 2011
Lizards PDF November 2014
Moles PDF December 2012
Opossum PDF October 2015
Pocket Gophers PDF July 2019
Rabbits PDF August 2022
Raccoons PDF July 2014
Rats PDF June 2024
Rattlesnakes PDF December 2014
Skunks PDF April 2015
Tree Squirrels PDF August 2016
Voles (Meadow Mice) PDF April 2023
Wild Pigs PDF July 2015
Wild Turkeys PDF June 2021
Woodpeckers PDF April 2022
View online   PDF Published
Management methods, including pesticides and biological control
Biological Control and Natural Enemies of Invertebrates PDF December 2014
Hiring a Pest Control Company PDF August 2023
Pesticides: Safe and Effective Use in the Home and Landscape PDF April 2006
Pesticidas: Uso Seguro y Eficaz en el Hogar y en Jardines PDF October 2008
Soil Solarization for Gardens & Landscapes PDF May 2019
Houseplant Problems PDF August 2020
Itching and Infestation: What's Attacking Me? PDF September 2020
Lyme Disease in California PDF May 2016