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Egyptian Broomrape

Orobanche aegyptiaca

(Published 9/14. All photos by Gene Miyao; used by permission.)

Egyptian broomrape was found in a California processing tomato field—a first find for the U.S. If you see this weed, contact your local agricultural commissioner or UC Cooperative Extension office.

USDA-APHIS factsheet (PDF)

close view of broomrape plants

Egyptian broomrape is a parasitic plant that attaches to other plant roots. It has no chlorophyll and lacks conspicuous leaves.

close view of broomrape plants

Aboveground plant parts of Egyptian broomrape are yellow. Flowers are white to purplish.

field with infestation of broomrape plants

Tomato field infestation.

close view of broomrape plants

Tiny seeds from crushed seed pods.

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