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Dormant or delayed-dormant season controls

Dormant controls are applied during the fall, winter, and early spring to control over-wintering insects or to prevent disease after deciduous trees have lost their leaves and before new growth develops.  Delayed-dormant controls are applied as buds begin to swell. 


  • Clean up mummies and old fruit in and under trees.
  • Remove fallen leaves from beneath deciduous fruit trees and roses.
  • Prune off dead, diseased, and borer-infested wood.


Prune deciduous trees and shrubs that need pruning e.g., apple, crepe myrtle, pear, rose, spirea, and stone fruits. Except certain pests and host plants warrant summer pruning e.g., shothole borer, apricot, and cherry.

Specific invertebrates and diseases for which dormant sprays may be applied