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Cantaloupe – Cucumis melo var. cantalupo
Family Cucurbitaceae (Gourd family)

Plant Description

Muskmelons, including cantaloupe and honeydew, require high temperatures during the growing season in California. Vines have separate male and female flowers, requiring assisted pollination. A number of varieties can be grown in California, including Ambrosia, Crenshaw, and Casaba.

Cultural Tips

Cultural practices such as proper site selection, soil preparation, planting, and watering are important for plant health, pest management and pest reduction when growing cantaloupe.

For more information about growing vegetables, visit the UC ANR California Garden Web website.

A full cantaloupe, Cucumis melo var. cantalupo and a cantaloupe cut in half.

Pests and disorders of Cantaloupe



Environmental disorders



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