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Project description

An Improved San Jose Scale Management Program. (99DS018)
Program UC IPM competitive research grants program
W.J. Bentley, Statewide IPM Project, Kearney Agricultural Center
E.E. Grafton-Cardwell, Entomology, UC Riverside, Kearney Agricultural Center
Host/habitat Almonds; Prunes
Pest San Jose Scale Quadraspidiotus perniciosus
Discipline Entomology
Encarsia (=Prospaltella) perniciosi; Aphytis spp.
Decision Support
Start year (duration)  1999 (One Year)
Objectives Determine if the abundance of male San Jose scale on pheromone cards is a predictor of the crawler abundance on wood, or fruit in the case of prunes.

Determine the relationship between San Jose scale crawler abundance, wood mortality and fruit infestation.

Validate the degree day relationship between male flights and crawler emergence throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

Determine the relationship between the number and species of parasitoids on sticky traps and the level of parasitism of scale in the orchard.

Results to date show that crawler abundance on sticky tapes are a good predictor of both fruit and spur infestation by San Jose scale in prunes and plums, better than the abundance of males in pheromone sticky traps. We were not able to show this relationship for almonds. A more extensive collection of data from almonds is being done in 2000.

Finally, the information gathered in these plots was used in a web page entitled Tree Fruit Pest Management. Graphs of male scale, parasitoids, and crawlers were included from each site and available for pest control advisors and farmers to access in 1999.

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