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California Weather Data

1999 California Tomato Network Weather Stations *

Click on a station name or pinhead for more information.
CountyLineHwy45-01.P Davis_South-01.P Huron-01.P Knights_Landing-01.P Knights_Landing-02.P Knights_Landing-03.P Linden-02.P Madison-01.P Meridian-02.P Meridian-03.P Patterson-01.P Robbins-02.P Robbins-03.P Ryer_Island-01.P Staten_Island-01.P Sycamore_Slough-01.P Thornton-02.P Thornton-03.P UCD_Ag_Fields-01.P Union_Island-01.P Williams-01.P Winters-01.P Woodland_NE-01.P Yolo16CR98-01.P Yolo96BCR17-01.P
Networks and Stations Map
  Automatic (daily, current data)
TouchTone (daily, current data)
PestCast (daily & hourly, current data)
Climate (daily, at least 3-6 months old)


  1. County Line Highway 45-01
  2. Davis South-01
  3. Huron-01
  4. Knights Landing-01
  5. Knights Landing-02
  6. Knights Landing-03
  7. Linden-02
  8. Madison-01
  9. Meridian-02
  10. Meridian-03
  11. Patterson-01
  12. Robbins-02
  13. Robbins-03
  14. Ryer Island-01
  15. Staten Island-01
  16. Sycamore Slough-01
  17. Thornton-02
  18. Thornton-03
  19. UCD Ag Fields-01
  20. Union Island-01
  21. Williams-01
  22. Winters-01
  23. Woodland NE-01
  24. Yolo County Roads 16 & 98-01
  25. Yolo County Road 96B & 17-01

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