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How to Manage Pests

Pesticides: Water-Related Toxicology of Active Ingredients

To get information about a pesticide, you'll select a pesticide and confirm that it's the one you want; then supply information about the way it will be applied.

Using WaterTox

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Step 1. Which pesticide?

Selecting a pesticide has two parts:

  1. Select or enter a pesticide name.
  2. Review the database output to make sure that you have the correct active ingredient.

On the opening page,

  • Enter a pesticide name (or any part of a name) in the blank box and click GO to retrieve toxicity information about it.
  • Or select an active ingredient from the list and click on the GO button next to it.

Names can be the common chemical name of the pesticide active ingredient, product names, EPA registration numbers, or other alternate names.

Special note Note that WaterTox

  • Does not include every active ingredient
  • Does not include every product that may contain a particular active ingredient
  • May include products that are no longer registered in the U.S.
  • May include products that are not currently registered in California

On the next page you'll select the active ingredient from one or more entries found in the database. Consider the products listed only as examples of products containing the active ingredient and at one time registered, since not all products are listed in the database.

Click on the active ingredient you're looking for.

  • If more than one is listed, check the alternate names to help select the active ingredient you want.
  • If there's only one, look at the alternate names to make sure the active ingredient is the one you want information on.

If the product name you're looking for isn't in the database, and you don't know its chemical name, then you can look up the product in an online pesticide database or go back to the label. You might also do a Web search for the product name or go to the manufacturer's Web site to find the active ingredient.

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