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Research Tools: California Pesticide Use Summaries

UC IPM developed this database from data from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. The database includes summaries of pesticides used on California crops datailed by commodity, pesticide, county, and month. The database has no information about a pesticide or its label.

Description of Variables in the Pesticide Use Database,
California Department of Pesticide Regulation

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Position  Field Name    Field Description                                                       Valid Values

1-2     PROCESS_YR      Year document was processed.                                            90, 91, blank
3-10    USE_NO          System assigned key to uniquely identify use transaction record.        *
11-15   CHEM_CODE       Chemical code   present in CHEM database.
16      CHEMSTAT_SW     Chemical activity status.  Indicates whether the chemical has declared  A 
                                pesticidal activity or if it is the vehicle.
17      RECORD_ID       Defines transaction record type for selecting edit criteria.            A, B, C, D, E, F, G, 1, 2, 4, 9
8-19    COUNTY_CD       Standard county number ID code established by numbering an alpha        1 - 58
                                 sorted list of county names.
20      BASE_LN_MER     TRS baseline/meridian of application location S = San Bernardino,       M, S, H, blank
                                M = Mt. Diablo, H = Humboldt.
21-22   TOWNSHIP        TRS township number of application location.                            1 - 48, blank
23      TSHIP_DIR       TRS direction of township where applied.                                S, N, blank
24-25   RANGE           TRS range for application.  Indicates E/W direction.                    1 - 47, blank
26      RANGE_DIR       TRS range direction of application location.                            E, W, blank
27-28   SECTION         TRS section number of application location.                             1 - 54, blank
29-36   APPLIC_DT       Date pesticide applied.                                                 01-01-1990 - 12-31-1990
37-42   SITE_CODE       Site code from list established by EPA and modified for use by CDFA. 
43-44   QUALIFY_CD      Site qualifier code which modifies or limits the meaning of the site    *
                                code upon which the product may be used.
45      PLANTING_SEQ    Flag to indicate multiple plantings in same field.                      *
46-59   LBS_CHEM_USED   Pounds of active ingredient in application.                             00000000000001 - 99999999999999
60-68   ACRE_PLANTED    Total planted acres for site IDs with code.                             00000000 - 99999999, blank
69      UNIT_PLANTED    Units of ACRE_PLANTED.                                                  A, S, U, C, T, P, K, blank      
70-78   ACRE_TREATED    Total number of units (acres) upon which pesticide was applied.         00000000 - 99999999
79      UNIT_TREATED    Refers to type of units reported in ACRE_TREATED.                       A, S, U, C, T, P, K, blank      
80-91   AMT_PRD_USED    Amount of product used.                                                 00000000001 - 99999999999
92-93   UNIT_OF_MEAS    Units of product reported used for application.                         OZ, LB, PT, QT, GA, ML, LI, GR, KG  
94-99   APPLIC_CNT      Line sequence within document or sign of offse.t                        0 - 999999
100-110 GROWER_ID       ID assigned to grower by county agricultural commissioner.              * 
                                This value has significance to the permit program.      
111     GRWR_FUT_SUF    Reserved for future use.                                                *
112-119 SITE_LOC_ID     Site ID code assigned by county agricultural commissioner.  This field 
                                should be unique within county.  It is designed to be a unique 
                                numeric value, but is not currently implemented as such.
120     AER_GND_IND     Air/ground application flag.                                            G, A, O, blank
121-126 PRODNO          System assigned product number.  This has a one to one relationship to  * 
                                the four attribute keys:  REG_FIRMNO + MFG_FIRMNO + 
                                LABEL_SEQ_NO + REVISION_NO. 
127-133 MFG_FIRMNO      Numeric code assigned by the EPA to the company, or by California if    * 
                                the company has no products registered with EPA.  
                                One of four parts of the product key.
134-138 LABEL_SEQ_NO    The EPA's sequence number for product within registrant company.        * 
                                One of four parts of the product key.
139-140 REVISION_NO     Revision code (the product label revision) one of four-part key to      AA, ZA, ZB, ZC, EX, ZE, ZD, XX, 
                                product.                                                        ZF, ZX, ZG, ZH
141-147 REG_FIRMNO      Numeric code assigned to registrant firm by EPA.  One of four-part key  * 
                                for product.
148     PRODSTAT_IND    Flag for product registration status.                                   A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
149-156 REG_DT          Product registration date.                                              01-01-1900 - 12-31-1991, blank
157-165 PRODCHEM_PCT    Percentage of chemical in the product .                                 00000001 - 10000000 
166-167 FORMULA_CD      Pesticide formulation code.  Encoded data as to the type of             O0, B0, P0, S0, A0, E0, N0, M0, R0, 
                                formulation of the product concentration, DO=gel/paste/ cream,  H0, J0, L0, C0, G0 
                                EO=granular.                                                    I0, D0, U0, F0, K0, Q0, T0
168     NURSERY_IND     Indicates use nursery, code is not on label.  Transactions with         0, 1, blank 
                                this code will be matched to commodity codes 151-156 rather 
                                than label codes.
169     REG_TYPE_IND    Product registration type.                                              A, B, C, D, E, blank
170     RODENT_SW       Indicates product registered as rodenticide.                            blank, X
171     SIGNLWRD_IND    Signal word indicator:                                                  1, 2, 3, 4, 5  
172     SOILAPPL_SW     Indicates if the product can be applied directly to soil.               A, B, blank
173-174 PROCESS_MT      Month document was processed.                                           1 - 12, blank
175-178 BATCH_NO        Numeric sequence assigned to batch within process date.                 *
179-186 DOCUMENT_NO     Sequence number of document within batch imprinted number on the        *
187-190 SUMMARY_CD      Line number within document for most record types.                      * 
191     FUMIGANT_SW     Indicator if label indicates use for fumigation used in validation      blank, X 
                                use reporting for commodity FUM.
192     AGRICOMM_SW     The agricultural commissioner use flag.  Indicates if the               blank, X
                                registration is exempt from mill tax assessment.
193     CONFID_SW       Flag for spreader stickers.  Indicates that field is confidential       blank, X
                                business information.
194     GEN_PEST_IND    Denotes whether a pesticide is a chemical or microbial or both.         C, M, K, blank
195     MFG_REF_SW      Indicates manufacturer, reformat, repack showing that the sole          blank, X
                                use is for repackaging, has no end use, and are not subject to 
                                mill tax.
                                mill tax.
196-200 RESERVED

* indicates that no quality checks were performed on the data in this field

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