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Common names link to pages with weed descriptions and photos, up to 100K, often showing several stages of development.

Common Name Scientific Name
Barnyardgrass Echinochloa crus-galli
Bindweed, field Convolvulus arvensis
Brome, downy (cheatgrass) Bromus tectorum
Chamomile, mayweed Anthemis cotula
Chickweed, common Stellaria media
Clovers, perennial Trifolium spp.
Crabgrasses Digitaria spp.
Fiddlenecks Amsinckia spp.
Filarees Erodium spp.
Flixweed (tansy mustard) Descurainia sophia
Foxtail, green Setaria viridis
Groundsel, common Senecio vulgaris
Henbit Lamium amplexicaule
Knotweed, oval-leaf Polygonum arenastrum
Kochia Kochia scoparia
Lambsquarters, common Chenopodium album
Lettuce, prickly Lactuca serriola
Mallow, little (cheeseweed) Malva parviflora
Mustard, tumble (Jim Hill) Sisymbrium altissimum
Black, nightshade Solanum nigrum
Nightshade, hairy Solanum sarrachoides
Oat, wild Avena fatua
Orchardgrass Dactylis glomerata
Pepperweed, field Lepidium campestre
Pigweed, redroot Amaranthus retroflexus
Pigweeds Amaranthus spp.
Pineapple-weed Chamomilla suaveolens
Puncturevine Tribulus terrestris
Purslane, common Portulaca oleracea
Quackgrass Elytrigia repens
Ryegrass, Italian Lolium multiflorum
Salsify, common Tragopogon porrifolius
Shepherd's-purse Capsella bursa-pastoris
Sowthistle, annual Sonchus oleraceus
Sprangletop Leptochloa fascicularis
Stinkgrass (lovegrass) Eragrostis cilianensis
Sunflower, common Helianthus annuus
Thistle, Russian Salsola tragus
Wheats Triticum spp.
Witchgrass Panicum capillare


[UC Peer Reviewed]

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Peppermint
UC ANR Publication 3457

D. B. Marcum, UC Cooperative Extension, Shasta and Lassen counties
W. T. Lanini, Weed Science/Plant Science, UC Davis
R. G. Wilson, UC Cooperative Extension, Lassen County

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