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(Reviewed 1/07, updated 6/09)

In this Guideline: More about weeds in bermudagrass seed production:

Common names link to pages with weed descriptions and photos, up to 100K, often showing several stages of development.

Common Name Scientific Name
canarygrass, littleseed Phalaris minor
chamomile, mayweed Anthemus cotula
chickweed, common Stellaria medic
clover, white Trifolium repens
dandelion Taraxacum officinale
goosefoot, nettleleaf Chenopodium murale
henbit Lamium amplexicaule
junglerice Echinochloa colonum
knotweed, silversheath Polygonum argyrocoleon
mallow, little (cheeseweed) Malva parviflora
nutsedge, yellow Cyperus esculentus
oat, wild Avena fatua
shepherd's-purse Capsella bursa-pastoris
sowthistles Sonchus spp.
sprangletop, bearded Leptochloa uninervia


[UC Peer Reviewed]

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Bermudagrass Seed Production
UC ANR Publication 3472


B. Tickes, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Yuma County, AZ
C.A. Wilen, UC IPM Statewide Program, UC Cooperative Extension, San Diego County
Acknowledgment for contributions to Weeds:
C. E. Bell, UC Cooperative Extension, San Diego County

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