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Adult (left) and immature persea mites exposed.

Adult (left) and immature persea mites exposed.

Mites are tiny and difficult to see without a magnifying glass. The mites listed below may damage berries, fruit trees, ornamental plants, vegetables, and vines, though damage varies by the species. Spider mites commonly cause bleaching, stippling, and webbing on leaves. Eriophyid mites cause distorted growth of leaves, shoots, buds, fruit, or a combination of these. There are also many beneficial predatory mites that feed on plant-feeding mites or small insects and a few of those are listed below.


Spider mites (tetranychids, family Tetranychidae)

Blister, bud, erineum, gall, and rust mites (eriophyids, family Eriophyidae)

Other plant-feeding mites

Predaceous mites