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Statewide IPM Program, University of California

Kidney–weed Dichondra  (Dichondra micrantha (=Dichondra repens))

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Life stages of Dichondra Infestation in turf Seedling Leaf

Kidney-weed dichondra is a low-growing perennial plant sometimes used as a ground cover, but which can also become weedy in some lawns. It is a localized weed throughout California.

Mature plant

Kidney-weed dichondra is easy to recognize by its small, kidney-shaped to almost circular leaves with rounded basal lobes and its creeping, dense matlike growth habit. Leaves are 1/4 to 1-1/2 inches (0.6–3.7 cm) wide, and are alternate to one another along the trailing stem. Leaves often form a shallow cup shape and are stalked.


Flowers are inconspicuous.


Kidney-weed dichondra spreads by seeds and aboveground, horizontal, creeping stems (stolons).

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