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Flannel bush—Fremontodendron = Fremontia spp.
Family Sterculiaceae (Sterculia family)

Plant Identification

Flannel bush is a fast-growing evergreen shrub or tree that grows up to about 20 feet tall.  Leaves are round and sometimes lobed.  The upper surface is dark green and leathery while the lower surface is soft.  Yellow flowers are produced in the spring and followed by seed capsules covered with rust-colored hairs.  Plants are short-lived.

Optimum conditions for growth

Flannel bush grows best if planted along hillsides.  Roots are shallow and plants need to be staked when young.  They do well in full sun and don’t require any water.  They can tolerate some water if there is good drainage.  Encourage branching by pruning off long shoots.  Remove lower branches to shape small trees. 

Pests and disorders of Fremontodendron = Fremontia spp.



Environmental disorders



flannel bushBlossoming flannel bush

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