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Hybrid rhododendrons resistant to feeding injury by adult root weevils*

Rhododendron hybrids

P. J. Mezzitt (100)
Jock (92)
Sapphire (90)
Rose Elf (89)
Cilpimense (88)
Lucky Strike (83)
Exbury Naomi (81)
Virginia Richards (81)
Cowslip (80)
Luscombei (80)
Vanessa (80)
Oceanlake (80)
Dora Amateis (79)
Crest (79)
Rainbow (76)
Point Defiance (76)
Naomi (76)
Pilgrim (76)
Letty Edwards (76)
Odee Wright (76)
Moonstone (73)
Lady Clementine Mitford (72)
Candi (72)
Graf Zeppelin (71)
Snow Lady (71)
Loderi Pink Diamond (71)
Faggetter's Favourite (70)

*Listed from highly (100) to moderately resistant (70).
Source: Antonelli, A.L., and R.L. Campbell. 1984. Root Weevil Contron on Rhododendrons. Pullman: Washington State Univ. Extension. Bull. 0970.

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