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Shothole borer—Scolytus rugulosus

The shothole borer is a pest of many deciduous fruit and nut trees, including stone fruits, apples, pears, and almonds. Adult borers are tiny bullet-shaped, reddish black beetles about 0.10-inch long.

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Borers tunnel into the bark and wood of fruit trees, weakening and damaging trunks and branches. Most problems occur in newly planted trees or in trees weakened by disease or poor cultural practices. Shothole borers leave many tiny holes in the bark, often with clear sap oozing from them.


Keep trees healthy and vigorous. Protect young trees from sunburn with whitewashing. Remove and destroy infested wood immediately. Insecticide treatments are not recommended. Severely infested trees should be removed.

For more information, see the Bark Beetles Pest Note.

Shothole borer adult
Shothole borer adult

Holes in bark caused by shothole borer
Holes in bark caused by shothole borer

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