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San Jose Scale and Natural Enemies

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San Jose scale.
San Jose scale (male)
Identification tip: Adult male San Jose scale have well developed legs, a single pair of wings, long antennae, and a thin brown band across the thorax. This male is caught in a pheromone trap.
Mature female San Jose scale.
San Jose scale (mature female)
Identification tip: Mature female San Jose scale is covered by a grayish, flattened, circular shell, about 1/12 in diameter, with a distinct nipple (center). The immature male (above female) is elongate.
San Jose scale crawlers.
San Jose scale crawlers
Identification tip: San Jose scale crawlers are bright yellow and tiny (about the size of the sharp end of a pin), with well developed eyes, antennae, and legs
.Aphytis aonidiae.
Aphytis aonidiae
Identification tip: Adult Aphytis aonidiae, parasite of San Jose scale, is a tiny yellow wasp with short antennae and fringed wings, shown here laying an egg in a scale.
Encarsa perniciosi.
Encarsia perniciosi
Identification tip: Scale parasite, Encarsia perniciosi, caught in pheromone trap used to monitor flights of male San Jose scale. It is a tiny dark wasp with short stubby antennae.
Parasitized San Jose scale.
San Jose scale, parasitized
Identification tip: The exit hole in the covering of the scale (left) indicates that a parasite has emerged.

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