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Grape (Table)

Natural Enemies of Caterpillars

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  • Tachinid flies
  • Apanteles harrisinae
  • Bracon cushmani
  • Exochus sp.
  • Crab spider
  • Minute pirate bugs
  • Green lacewings

Many natural enemies of caterpillars are seen primarily in the late spring and summer; since they may reduce populations to below economic levels, look for them using the photos below. Also view photos of healthy and granulosis-infected western grapeleaf skeletonizer. Names link to more information on identification and biology.

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Parasites of caterpillars

Adult Ametadoria misella
Tachinid flies
Adult Ametadoria misella, a tachinid fly parasite of western grapeleaf skeletonizer.

Adult Apanteles harrisinae
Apanteles harrisinae (adult)
A parasite wasp of western grapeleaf skeletonizer.

Bracon cushmani (adult)
An adult female wasp, Bracon cushmani parasitizing the larva of a grape leaffolder.

Adult bracconid wasp
Braconid wasp (adult)
An adult braconid wasp parasite of omnivorous leafroller and orange tortrix near the white pupal cocoon from which the parasite emerged.

Adult wasp Exochus sp.
Exochus sp. (adult)
An adult wasp parasite of leafrollers, Exochus sp..

General predators

Crab spider
Crab spider from family Thomisidae.

Adult minute pirate bug
Minute pirate bugs
An adult minute pirate bug, Orius tristicolor, will feed on caterpillar eggs.

Green lacewing
Green lacewings
Common green lacewing larva feeding on a caterpillar.

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