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Using a French plow to remove weeds in the vine row.Vineyard Sanitation

Vineyard sanitation is important for reducing certain overwintering pests before the next growing season.

Prune vines late in dormancy after rains reduce Eutypa spore levels. Destroy prunings of older infested wood to reduce pest sources according to the guidelines below.



  • Prune out and destroy mummies (dried-up fruit) by flailing or shredding to destroy overwintering sites for:
    • Omnivorous leafroller or orange tortrix (in coastal areas).
      • Remove mummy clusters from vines.
      • French plow and disc to bury weeds, mummy clusters, and ovewintering larvae living in ground duff and dried berries.
    • Vine mealybug: Steam sanitize equipment before moving to an uninfested area of the vineyard.
  • Branch and twig borer: Prune out and remove dead wood in vineyards with a history of branch and twig borer. Destroy prunings.


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