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Winter Annual Weeds

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  • Volunteer barley
  • Wild oats
  • Burning nettle
  • Mustards
  • Wild radish
  • Annual bluegrass
  • Prickly lettuce
  • Common chickweed
  • Volunteer wheat

The weeds shown here may be seen in fall-planted corn seedlings. For weeds in spring-planted corn seedlings, see common summer weeds. Names link to more information on identification and biology.

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Several Hordeum species have long claw like auricles.
Volunteer barley
(Hordeum murinum ssp. leporinum): Grass family; winter annual; papery ligule with long and narrow clasping auricles; hairy foliage.
Mustard seedling.
(Brassica spp.): Mustard family; winter annual; all mustard seedlings with broad seed leaves and deep notch at tip; first true leaves bright green on the upper surface and paler below.
Seedling of prickly lettuce.
Prickly lettuce
(Lactuca serriola): Sunflower family; winter annual or biennial; seed leaves about 2 times longer than wide; first true leaves with rounded margins; injured tissue bleeds milky white latex.
Seedling of wild oat.
Wild oats
(Avena fatua): Grass family; winter annual; first leaves with small marginal hairs and counterclockwise twist when viewed from above; ligule large, papery, and pointed.
Wild radish seedling.
Wild radish
(Raphanus raphanistrum): Mustard family; winter annual; seed leaves broad with deep notch at tip; first true leaves irregularly lobed and sometimes with separate lobes at leaf base; seedlings similar to mustards in genus Brassica, but duller green and rougher textured.
Seedling of common chickweed.
Common chickweed
(Stellaria media): Pink family; winter annual; seed leaves with prominent midveins, about 4 times longer than wide, tapering to point at tip; true leaves broader, opposite, and yellow-green.
Burning nettle seedling.
Burning nettle
(Urtica urens): Nettle family; winter or summer annual; rounded seed leaves with smooth margin and small notch at tip; first true leaves with small notch at tip, opposite, stalked, and distinctly toothed.
Annual bluegrass seedling.
Annual bluegrass
(Poa annua): Grass family; winter annual; leaf tip shaped like bow of a boat; membranous ligule rounded with slightly pointed tip; leaf blade crinkled at midsection.
Collar regions of (left to right) barley, wheat, and oat.
Volunteer wheat
(Triticum aestivum): Grass family; winter annual; distinguished from most other grasses by ligules that clasp stem with slight overlap; barley plant ligules longer, with more overlap.

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