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Harvesting practices showing almonds on the ground.

Harvest Sample

Before you deliver nuts to the huller, take a representative sample after shaking and before sweeping. This sample will tell you what pests are in your orchard so you can plan for management activities for next year. It will also serve as a record to compare with the grade given by the huller.

How to take a harvest sample:

  • Collect 500 nuts per block.
  • Crack the nuts and check for evidence of pests.

Evidence of pests in damaged nuts
Peach twig borer and navel orangeworm often infest the same nut, but navel orangeworm bores into the nut and peach twig borer does not. Therefore, navel orangeworm feeding masks that of peach twig borer.

Photos of nut damage Kernel Frass Webbing Boring Feeding behavior
Navel orangeworm pupae are encased in woven cocoons that may be found within webbing and frass inside nuts.
Navel orangeworm
Deep chewing into nut White, often quite a lot Yes Yes Feed in groups
Southern fire ant damage to almonds.

Scraping or peeling of kernel skin, deep hollowing of nut, "sawdust" present

  No Hollowing Varies
Leaffooted bug
Leafootted bug
Dark spots on the kernel        
Oriental fruit moth damage to almonds.
Oriental fruit moth
Shallow channels and surface grooves on the kernels Reddish brown; very little No No Feed in groups
Peach twig borer feeding damage.
Peach twig borer
Shallow channels and surface grooves on the kernels None No No Generally solitary

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