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Interactive Tools and Models: NEMABASE

Windows 2000+ problem resolution

The NEMABASE database program was developed on an early Windows system. Unfortunately, later Windows environments, like Windows NT, 2000, and XP, require an adjustment to one of the files supporting the FOXPro database component used within the NEMABASE program. Without this updated file, attempts to run the NEMABASE program will most likely result with the popup error message "Divide by zero."

This updated file, FOXW2600.ESL, should replace the existing file with the same name contained within the NEMABASE directory.


  • Using a Web browser, download the FOXW2600.ESL file.
  • Within the "File Download: Save As" dialog, direct Windows to store the file into the directory containing the NEMABASE.EXE file, typically C:\Program File\NEMABASE\.
  • Allow Windows to overwrite the existing file named FOXW2600.ESL.
  • Alternately, the file could be saved to a zip disk (its size is 2.1 megabytes), and copied later to the NEMABASE directory on another system.
  • The NEMABASE program should now start up successfully.

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