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Interactive Tools and Models: California Cotton Manager

Loading CCM may take up to one minute. The table shows typical load times for connection at different speeds.

Connection Speed Approximate Download time
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The California Cotton Manager is an outcome of a UC IPM funded project to develop a tool for managing a California cotton crop and its pests. CCM was developed by D. Munier, T. Kerby, J. Young, R. Plant, P. Goodell, D. Munk, S. Wright, B. Roberts, R. Vargas, and B. Weir.

CCM is a set of simple programs with several features:

  • Heat units (degree-days) calculator for cotton.
  • Calculator of the expected price of cotton based on replant date.
  • Plant mapping.

Using CCM -- Most tools consist of some form of data sheet where the following rules are in effect:

  • Help is available by pressing F1 any time.
  • Arrow keys move you around the screen.
  • Pressing enter, return, or tab after typing data will enter it and move you to the next input field.
  • If an incorrect value is entered, you will be notified and the value will be cleared.
  • Activate a tool by selecting it from one of the menus within the CCM window.

CCM is also available as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and for HP Palmtop computers.

This interactive version was developed by Jeff Armstrong and Doug Munier using Java. Questions should be addressed to the UC IPM webmaster. The menus and text may not perform correctly in all browsers on the Macintosh at this time.

CCM can not be run on browsers without JAVA support, sorry.

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