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Statewide IPM Program, University of California

Events and workshops

UC IPM provides opportunities for additional learning in the form of presentations, conferences, workshops and hands-on training. Additional educational materials, including videos, DVDs, books, and leaflets, are available in the Publications section. Check the Online training page for online interactive learning opportunities.

UC IPM staff member Jim Stapelton shows a group of Spanish-speaking vineyard workers how to use a dissecting microscope to identify a powdery mildew.

Urban & Community IPM Webinar Series

Join UC IPM Urban & Community Program for a monthly webinar series that is free and open to the public. Every third Thursday, presenters will share helpful pest management information for California residents. Topics will vary each month, covering pest management in landscapes, household pests, rodent identification, understanding pesticides, weed management, invasive pests and more. Webinars will begin at 12:00pm and run for one hour. See the webinar website for more information.

January 19, 2023: Houseplant Problems

Presenter: Lauren Fordyce, Urban and Community IPM Educator

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February 16, 2023: Dealing with Pantry Pests

Presenter: Karey Windbiel-Rojas, Associate Director for Urban & Community IPM/Area IPM Advisor

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March 16, 2023: Preventing Pest Problems at Seeding

Presenter: Lauren Fordyce, Urban and Community IPM Educator

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April 20, 2023: Aphids, Scales, and Mealybugs, Oh my!

Presenter: Karey Windbiel-Rojas, Associate Director for Urban & Community IPM/Area IPM Advisor

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UC Ag Experts Talk Webinar Series

Join us for a monthly series of 1-hour webinars designed for commercial agricultural growers and pest control advisers that highlights various pest management and subtropical horticultural topics. During each webinar, a UC Expert presents and answers questions. To check upcoming topics, register for the webinars, and view past webinars visit the UC Ag Experts Talk website.

Pesticide Safety Workshops

Train-the-Trainer 2023

Instructor Training Workshops

If you are looking to become a certified trainer, stay tuned for the 2023 training calendar of events. Our team intends to offer a combination of in-person as well as zoom workshops. In the meantime, reach out if you are interested in private pesticide safety trainings. Please contact for more details.

Train-the-Trainer Refresher Workshops via Zoom

This workshop is a train-the-trainer refresher. It reviews the required annual training topics for fieldworkers and handlers. This workshop does NOT certify you as trainer. (3 CE L&R available)

Oct 26 2022 in SPANISH 9am to 12 pm
Nov 29, 2022 in ENGLISH 9am to 12 pm
Nov 30, 2022 in SPANISH 9am to 12 pm

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Talleres de Seguridad de Pesticidas

Capacitación de Instructores 2023

Si buscas ser capacitador certificado, manténte al tanto del calendario de eventos de capacitación de 2023. Nuestro equipo tiene la intención de ofrecer una combinación de talleres en persona y por zoom. Mientras tanto, comunícate si estás interesado en capacitaciones privadas sobre seguridad con pesticidas al para obtener más detalles.

Actualización de Entrenamiento via Zoom

Este taller es un repaso de la capacitación de intructores. Revisaremos los temas requeridos de capacitación anual para trabajadores de campo y manipuladores. Este taller NO te certifica como instructor. (3 CE L&R disponible)

26 de Oct 2022 en ESPAÑOL 9am a 12 pm
29 de Nov 2022 en INGLÉS 9am a 12 pm
30 de Nov 2022 en ESPAÑOL 9am a12 pm

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Resources for Trainers

WPS Handout

Summary of Federal Worker Protection Standard (WPS) changes
Download PDF.

Resumen de los cambios al Estándar Federal de Protección del Trabajador (WPS por sus siglas en inglés)
Descargue el PDF.

DPR Training

See the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for: