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Integrated Pest Management · Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of California

Strategic Plan 2013

I. Introduction

This strategic plan presents the goals and strategic directions the University of California (UC) Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program will pursue to respond to the changing pest management needs of Californians. Based on the 2006 strategic plan and updated in 2013, the plan reflects input from a range of stakeholders both internal and external to the organization as well as an updated analysis of relevant economic, social, and policy trends.

By reflecting on past accomplishments, reviewing challenges and opportunities, and relating current issues to research findings and trends, the plan provides a starting point for problem solving and strategy development at multiple levels. It is intended to help stimulate new thinking within UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) to enhance statewide responsiveness to emerging pest management issues as well as long-standing problems of importance to California's economy, environment, and human health.

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