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Grant Programs: About the Projects Database

Search for information about projects supported under any UC Statewide IPM Program grants program, including the UC IPM Competitive Research Grants and the Exotic Pests and Diseases Research programs. From the results of a database search, you can obtain brief descriptions of the funded projects.

Searching the research projects database

To search and retrieve information, access the search page and follow these steps:

Simple search

To search for projects in any grants program and any year,

  1. Enter any keyword or specific phrase to match any database field.
  2. Press the Search button next to the search box.

Specific variable search

To narrow the search to a specific research program, range of years, host, pest or other variable,

  1. Set one or more search variables by filling in a text box or boxes, such as "grape" under "host," and "grape leafhopper" under "pest." To view a list of hosts, pests, disciplines, etc., click on the desired "list" link. Then scan the list and click on your selection. Your selection will be inserted automatically in the appropriate text box on the search page. (When more than one variable is set, the search will look for projects that meet ALL criteria.)
  2. Click on the "Search Database" button below the boxes on the search page.
  3. Review the list of titles on the next page, and click on one of interest. The project number after each title indicates the year the project started (projects are listed in reverse chronological order), and the abbreviation after the number indicates the program that funded the project: IPM is the UC IPM Competitive Research Grants program and EPDRP is the Exotic Pests and Diseases Research Program.

Variable definitions

Discipline: The discipline is the field of study, such as agricultural economics, animal sciences, entomology, nematology, plant sciences, weed science, or wildlife biology. More than 30 disciplines are listed in the database.

Final report: Nontechnical final reports are included in the database for projects funded in 1990 and later.

Host/habitat: A host is the plant, animal, or environment that experiences a pest problem. The database includes more than 80 hosts, such as cotton, peaches, or sheep.

Keyword: Search the database by typing in a significant or primary word, such as "rat" or "invasive."

Objectives: Each report includes one or more objectives of the research project. When objectives change during the course of the project, the latest objectives are indicated.

Pest: Pests include insects, mites, molluscs, nematodes, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms, vertebrates, and weeds.

Principal investigator: Principal investigators, or the project leaders, are usually UC Agricultural Experiment Station or Cooperative Extension scientists. The department and campus affiliations are listed in the reports.

Progress report: Since 1990, investigators have prepared nontechnical summaries of progress for general audiences. Database reports include only the latest progress report available for a project. It is replaced by a final report at the conclusion of the project.

Project identifier: This is the designated or identifying number of a project. The first two characters indicate the calendar year that funding began. Other characters are for administrative use.

Review workgroup panel: A review workgroup panel reviews research proposals for scientific merit, reviews progress reports, and makes recommendations to the technical committee.

Start year (duration): The start year is the first year the project was funded; the duration is the number of years it was funded.

Summary: Starting in 2002, all new projects include a brief summary, provided by the principal investigator(s).

Title: Project titles describe the research conducted and may contain key words such as the host, pest, and beneficial organism. Searching on a key word, such as a pest, will lead you to a list of projects meeting your search criteria.

Year(s) funded: This is the number of years during which the project was funded.

Budget: The budget is the total funding over the duration of the project.

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