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Educational Materials: Detailed Descriptions

Second Edition
The Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides
Pesticide Application Compendium, Vol.1

Published 2000 · Publication 3324 · 342 pages

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List of contents

Photo of the book, Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides.

This completely revised edition, published in January 2000, provides detailed information for training employees to select, use, handle, store, and dispose of pesticides safely and properly. The totally revised and updated text covers recent changes to federal and state pesticide laws, including the federal Worker Protection Standard. Like the first edition, emphasis is placed on prevention of groundwater contamination, protection of endangered species and wildlife, and reduction of environmental impact.

Recommended Study Guide

This comprehensive publication is the recommended study guide for preparing for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation's pest control advisor and pesticide applicator examinations. It is an essential reference and study tool that applies to agricultural, structural, landscape maintenance, greenhouse and nursery, right-of-way, forest, aquatic, demonstration and research, public health, and regulatory pesticide-use situations.

New in the Second Edition

The second edition includes:

  • a completely redesigned easy-to-use format
  • review questions, similar to those on the California Department of Pesticide Regulation license exams, at the end of each chapter
  • recommended steps in training workers
  • an explanation of how to comply with pesticide use reporting as required by California law
  • a discussion of recent changes to federal, state, and FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) laws, including the federal Worker Protection Standard

Clearly Illustrated

The ideas presented in the text are clearly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, drawings, and tables created especially for this book. The illustrations depict actual applications and real-life situations in the use and handling of pesticides, application techniques and equipment, and pest identification.

Pesticide Application Compendium

he Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides is Volume 1 of the Pesticide Application Compendium. This series was originally written for professionals trying to meet California's tough applicator licensing requirements. It provides very useful information on all types of protective equipment and application procedures, with illustrations.

How to order

This publication is available from the UC ANR Communication Services catalog. It is also available by mail, by telephone, or through the ANR sales offices and many UC County Cooperative Extension offices. For locations and more information, see "How to Order Publications."

List of Contents

  • How to Use This Book · Useful Pesticide Resources
Pest Identification
  • How Plants and Animals Are Named · Ways to Identify Pests (Weeds · Invertebrates ·  Arthropods · Nematodes · Snails and Slugs · Vertebrates · Disease-Causing Agents)
Pest Management
  • Approaches to Pest Management · Setting Up a Pest Management Program
  • Pesticide Toxicity · How Pesticides are Classified · Mode of Action · Pesticide Formulations · Pesticide Mixtures · Adjuvants · Organic Pest Control Materials
Pesticide Laws and Regulations
  • Enforcement · Pesticide Registration and Labeling · Pesticide Use Records · Pesticide Use Reporting Requirements · Restricted-Use Pesticides
Hazards Associated with Pesticide Use
  • Potential for Human Injury · Other Effects on People · Groundwater Contamination · Impact on Nontarget Organisms · Pesticide Resistance · Residues · Damage to Treated Surfaces
Protecting People and the Environment
  • Pesticide Applicator Safety · Safety Equipment · Fieldworker Safety · Public and Environmental Safety · Handling Pesticides Safely · Mixing Pesticides · Applying Pesticides Effectively · Cleanup and Disposal · Record Keeping · Liability
Pesticide Emergencies
  • First Aid · Pesticide Leaks and Spills · Pesticide Fires · Misapplication of Pesticides
Using Pesticides Effectively
  • Pest Detection and Monitoring · Making Pesticide Use Decisions · Selecting the Right Pesticide · Selective Pesticides · The Selective Use of Pesticides · Keep the Pesticide on Target · Follow-Up Monitoring
Pesticide Application Equipment
  • Liquid Application Equipment · Dust and Granule Application Equipment · Livestock and Poultry Application Equipment · Bait Application Equipment · Application Equipment Maintenance
Calibrating Pesticide Application Equipment
  • Why Calibration Is Essential · Equipment Calibration Methods · Calculation for Active Ingredient, Percentage Solution, and Parts per Million Solutions

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