2013 Highlights: UC IPM Annual Report

New staff in 2013

Kris Tollerup

Kris Tollerup

Dr. Kris Tollerup, new IPM advisor in the San Joaquin Valley, began working at the UC ANR Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center in October. Tollerup, who earned his master's and PhD degrees in entomology from UC Riverside, has responsibility for developing and delivering IPM programs for fruit and nut crops and vines.

New staff Christina Adamson, Maria Alfaro, Karen Beverlin, Chinh Lam

From left: C. Adamson, M. Alfaro, K. Beverlin, C. Lam. (Photo by C. Reynolds.)

Several staff joined the Davis-based IPM team in 2013. Christina Adamson took over the job of business manager and serves on the UC IPM leadership team. Maria Alfaro supports UC IPM's pesticide safety education program and ANR's internal pesticide information program. Karen Beverlin is our new editor, working primarily on the urban publication series but also on special leaflets. Chinh Lam supervises the information technology staff and will be leading IT development for the program.

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