2013 Highlights: UC IPM Annual Report

Master Gardener training boosts IPM outreach

Master Gardeners training

Master Gardeners study household pest samples at the advanced IPM workshop in Stockton. (Photo by M. Sousa.)


  • UC IPM supports UC Master Gardeners in extending IPM information to the general public.
  • Resources available for trainings include presentations, handouts, and collections of natural enemy specimens and empty pesticide containers.

UC Master Gardener volunteers are key extenders of IPM information to the public. From 2012 to 2013, four regional, one-day workshops introduced UC Master Gardeners to hands-on IPM training packages they can use to educate their communities about pests and IPM.

These workshops, organized by UC IPM Entomologist Mary Louise Flint and Urban IPM Educator Karey Windbiel-Rojas, trained 265 volunteers from 38 counties.

During the workshops, UC IPM demonstrated ways to use materials on biological control, household pests, weed identification and management, invasive pests, and less-toxic pesticides. Participants were given access to prepared PowerPoint presentations, colorful handouts, background information, and other resources.

Among the most popular resources in the training package are collections of empty pesticide containers and preserved natural enemy specimens that Master Gardeners can borrow for training others. These collections have been in constant use since they became available.

As a result of the train-the-trainer workshops, Master Gardeners from at least 15 counties have begun sharing this information with the general public and other volunteers through workshops, gardening events, and meetings, reaching more than 1,200 people in the first year alone.

UC IPM is committed to providing resources to UC Master Gardeners to ensure the public knows about the best pest management information the University of California has to offer.

A USDA NIFA Extension IPM grant supported this work.

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