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2007 Annual Report

UC Statewide IPM Program

Mustard cover crop in a vineyard
Mustard cover crop in a vineyard. Photo by Jack Kelly Clark.

UC IPM unveils strategic plan

UC IPM finalized its new strategic plan in 2007. The plan will enhance the program's ability to respond to emerging pest management issues.

Developed in consultation with internal and external stakeholders, the plan presents UC IPM's vision, mission, strategic goals, and strategies.

Vision: Making ecosystem-based integrated pest management the way Californians manage pests.


  • Increase utilization of ecologically-based integrated pest management programs
  • Provide leadership in IPM, including building coalitions and partnerships that link with communities and public agencies
  • Increase the predictability and effectiveness of pest management techniques
  • Develop science-based pest management programs that are economically and environmentally sustainable, and socially appropriate
  • Protect human health and reduce impact of pest management practices on human health and the environment

Strategic goals:

  • Develop strategic research and outreach agenda
  • Increase new adoption approaches
  • Enhance IPM capacity within UC
  • Promote widespread IPM use
  • Provide statewide leadership
  • Support organizational effectiveness

Strategic approach: The approach is a three-step planning process including:

  1. Priority Setting Based on Impact, an inventory of issues in urban, agricultural, and natural systems prioritized to reflect the nature and scope of the current and projected pest management need.
  2. Strategy Assessment, factors to address the priority areas identified during the priority setting process:
    1. likelihood that research will yield an effective IPM solution
    2. likelihood that clients will adopt the solution
    3. capacity of UC IPM to address the need
  3. Strategy Development, short- and long-term strategies to address high priority issues. Considerable progress has been made in 2007.

An internal restructuring has already improved efficiency and communication. Development of a priority-setting process and review of existing activities is well under way, further evidence of our commitment to implementing the strategic plan.

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