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University of California

Ordering UC IPM Materials

Cards and bookmarks

  • Printed copies of UC IPM Quick Tip cards and bookmarks are available only for UCCE offices and UC Master Gardener programs.
  • Quick Tip and Pest Alert cards come pre-packaged in bundles of 100 cards. Limit is 3 packets of each card title per shipment. If you need more than 3 packets of a title, please contact Karey Windbiel-Rojas.
  • Orders may take one week to be processed and will be shipped via FedEx. Shipments are made on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The person who places the order will receive an automatic email from the FedEx system once the order has been processed.

Tree Care cards

UC IPM does not distribute the Tree Care cards. Please follow this link to order the cards from the Statewide Master Gardener Program.

Books and other publications

See our publications page for listings of UC IPM books and educational materials.

UC IPM does not sell books and other publications directly. Visit the ANR catalog online to order.

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