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Less-toxic Pesticides Outreach Materials

Use this Less-toxic Pesticides presentation and activity to teach Master Gardeners and others about organic and less-toxic insecticides and what pests they effectively control.

Topics covered in the presentation include types of pesticides, pesticide toxicity to nontargets, environmental impacts, pesticide labels, less-toxic and organic pesticides, and information resources.

Presentation and activity

To access and download the PowerPoint:

  1. Log on to the ANR Portal (login and password protected).
  2. Under the list My Links on the left-hand side, click on Repository.
  3. In the Search Repository box at the top right-hand side of the Repository page, type in the title:

PowerPoint presentation handout (2.5 MB PDF)

Activity instructions (PDF)

Quick Tips

View these online or download a PDF file. Your UC Master Gardener office should have paper copies. If not, ask your coordinator or office staff to order them from us.

Pesticide containers

UC IPM can provide empty containers for 10 – 15 pesticide products for use during your training. We will ship the containers to you before your training event; you ship them back once you are finished. Master Gardener Coordinators can request the empty product containers by filling out this survey form.

Other resources

PDF: To display a PDF document, you may need to use a PDF reader.