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IPM Training DVDs

Several presentation modules are available for Master Gardener programs to use in educating other Master Gardener volunteers or the general public. The UC IPM Program distributed DVDs of these presentations to MG Programs at two workshops—one in 2005 and one in 2007. The fully narrated presentations are complete with color photographs, illustrations, and video clips

Topics include Ants, Weeds, Honeydew-Producing Insects, and General IPM Principles. These presentations are also available as PowerPoint presentations that you can show using the script provided. Each module has supplementary materials including handouts and hands-on exercises that will make your training more effective.

How to carry out a training program

We recommend that you follow these steps when carrying out a training program.

  1. Print the handouts and pass them out to the participants.
  2. Play the presentation on the DVD.
  3. Go through the interactive scenarios with the audience to stimulate discussion.
  4. Do one or more of the associated hands-on activities with the group to encourage participation and experience with some of the materials presented in the DVD.

It is very important to follow these steps when carrying out your own training program. The narrated presentations on the DVD provide good science-based solutions for solving pest problems, but it is only one part of a good training program. The interactive scenarios and hands-on activities reinforce key concepts in the DVD and provide a way for the audience to interact with one another.

University of California Master Gardeners or Advisors may make duplicate copies of the DVD for use in their UC educational programs. Make sure your computer is equipped with a DVD burner and appropriate duplication software. To obtain DVDs for other uses/user groups, please contact Cheryl Reynolds.

Using the DVDs

The DVD version is fully narrated.

  • Using your DVD player, start the presentation. Use the Pause control to stop the presentation for discussion, then press Play to resume the presentation. (Troubleshooting the DVD)
  • The scenarios can help generate discussion and reinforce learning. At the scenarios, use Pause so that you can facilitate a discussion for each question. Press Play to move to the next scenario.

Extras for each presentation

A number of extra materials are provided on the DVD to supplement the narrated presentations. These extras are also available to download online and are found below under Activities and supplementary materials for DVDs.

If accessing the extras from the DVD, you must go through your computer’s operating system. The files cannot be accessed while the narrated presentation is running.

  • Click once on the DVD icon to select it. (Mac users: on your desktop. PC users: go to My Computer first.) Then go to the top menu bar and choose File and Open to open the DVD. You will see folders for ants, weeds, IPM, and honeydew producers. Each folder contains a hands-on training activity, poster, and other supplementary material that can be printed out as handouts and used in a training program.

Troubleshooting the DVD

When you play the DVD on a PC, if you have audio, but no video, try changing your hardware acceleration setting.

  1. Right-click on the computer's desktop and select Properties.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Advanced.
  4. Click on Troubleshoot.
  5. Adjust Hardware Acceleration to 2 notches less than Full.

Activities & supplementary materials for DVDs

Use the activities and materials below to supplement the DVD and Power point presentations.

Quick Tips in Spanish as well as English are available for many of the pests in the presentation modules.

IPM for Weeds

IPM for Weeds (How to get the Powerpoint)

IPM in and Around Homes (General IPM principles)

IPM in and Around Homes (How to get the Powerpoint)

IPM for Honeydew Producers

See also Advanced IPM Training for Master Gardeners for activities on Ants, Landscape Pest ID, and UC IPM Computer training.

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